The REIT pipeline

The list of all companies with concrete plans to issue a German Real Estate Investment Trust.


German real estate companies reduce their portfolios

In 2009, the figure for completed sales was twice as high as that for purchases. Overall, far fewer and smaller transactions were conducted last year.


Open ended funds: The solution package

The proposition of the industry association BVI at a glance.


EPRA Best Practices Recommendations


The Epra Best Practices Recommendations considerably enhanced the transparency of European publicly traded real estate companies in 2001. Expert Wilhelm Breuer explains the details.


REIT legislation: mini-improvement

According to one CDU politician, the double taxation of REIT foreign income could be eliminated. But nothing else.


REIT IPO: Market-environment argument may be convincing

By citing an unfavourable climate on the stock exchange, pre-REITs may be granted an extension of the period before their initial public offerings. Until now, no company has applied.